Information about the School


VILKYČIŲ PAGRINDINĖ MOKYKLA is a primary school situated in Vilkyčiai village, Šilutė district, Klaipėda region, Lithuania. Vilkyčiai is in the West part of Lithuania, 30 km away from the Baltic Sea. In the school year 2010-2011 there are 171 pupils and 28 teachers in the school. The percentage of unemployed parents is not high, but the incomes of the families are rather minimal. In Vilkyčiai village there appear more and more children living in the families where one or both parents work abroad. Grandparents and relatives take care of such children, but sometimes they are left alone and as a result we have growing delinquency. Also there are some students with learning disabilities in our school. Inspiring collaboration between students, the school will use different cultures as an enrichment source of knowledge. In this way, using individual experiences, emotions and creativity, the students will work in the construction of an active citizenship, promote an affective and social stability, and acquire also a positive vision of themselves.


School Address: Vilkyčių pagrindinė mokykla

     Vilkyčių k.

                             Saugų sen.

                             LT-99053 Šilutės raj. sav.



School’s website:

School’s e-mail:


School Principal: Mrs. Inga Kirkickienė

             Telephone: +370 441 44718



Contact Person of the Project:

                             Mrs. Jurgita Dargužienė

                             Position: English teacher

                             Telephone: +370 441 44718

     Mobile: +370 652 40929







Project process


Short Summary of the Comenius Multilateral Partnership project

“I’m, I live, I feel, I know…”

Since September 2008 Vilkyčiai basic school takes part in multilateral Comenius project “I’m, I live, I feel, I know…”. All schools’ communities participate in this project.

Project activities are integrated in many school subjects: English, history, geography, arts, crafts, music and science lessons. English – the main vehicular language.

Partnership schools that participate in the project: Italy (ISTITUTO COMPRENSIVO DI BUSSETO), Lithuania (VILKYČIAI BASIC SCHOOL), Sweden (VRINNEVISKOLAN), Spain (C.P. “PEDRO BRIMONIS”), Scotland (IONA PRIMARY SCHOOL), Turkey (MUSTAFA UYGUR PRIMARY SCHOOL), Finland (Alavuden Yläaste). The project general objective is to support personal, intellectual and social growth of pupils trough didactic activities based on the application of fives senses to local and international environments. The objective is to support creative, attractive and new learning methodologies based on close and intensive interaction with surrounding environments and on curiosity towards other countries.

In the school year 2008-2009 students completed various activities: created “Comenius corner”; translated agreed sentences into native language and produced a CD together with the illustrations and pronunciation of the sentences; made Christmas cards and sent them to their foreign friends; created an introductory film about their school; made a PowerPoint presentation on the topic “Spring in My Country”; prepared handicrafts on the topic “Water in My Surrounding”; made a presentation on the topic “Art and Crafts in My Country”. Our school also is responsible for the management of the project website (

In the school year 2009-2010 project activities were integrated into educational process, students prepared handicrafts on the topic “Autumn in My Country” and made a PowerPoint presentation; collected Lithuanian traditional folk, modern songs and produced a CD; students of the primary classes created week’s weather observation calendars; students of the senior classes painted and crocheted works on the topic “Winter in My Country”; during crafts lessons students cooked national Lithuanian dishes; searched for information about history and meaning of the Lithuanian flag, prepared the original and translated versions of the Lithuanian anthem; with the help of the local smiths Aida and Darius Viliai and the wood carver Vytautas Bliūdžius, the participants of the project created a wooden sculpture dedicated to the Comenius project; students of the senior classes prepared a video presentation on children’s games and countings. All the products were presented and handed in to the partner schools.

During the two years of the project there were organized seven international meetings (1st in Italy, 2nd in Sweden, 3rd in Scotland, 4th in Spain, 5th in Finland, 6th in Lithuania, 7th in Turkey) in which there participated the representatives from all the countries – teachers and students.

The benefit of the project is of immeasurable value to the school community. Our students got acquainted with a part of the Europe, learned to value and understand the exclusiveness of the other countries, polished up their English, made friends with foreign students, acquired geographic, historic, ethic knowledge, developed their creativity skills, enshrined the sense of public spirit. Our teachers deepened their English knowledge, had an opportunity to get acquainted with Italian, Swedish, Scottish, Finnish, Spanish, Turkish education systems, integrated project activities into their school subjects, collaborated with the parents of the students and village community. School administration gained experience in the management of the international projects, created cooperative conditions for the European schools ‘ and local communities.







1.      School and country presentation in pps format (Lithuania.pps).

2.      School presentation (brochure).

3.      Comenius corner.

4.      Letters, Christmas cards, sentences in native and English languages.



5.      Posters about partner countries.

6.      Film about the school (Download video, 98 MB).

7.      Web site (It is here).

8.      Informational pps presentations about the project and mobilities to the students, teachers and village community.

9.      Comenius book.

10.  “Art and craft in my country”.

11.  “Spring in my country” (Presentation).

12.  “Autumn in my country” (Presentation).

13.  “Winter in my country” (Download video, 49 MB).

14.  Our favourite sports teams (Zalgiris, Lietuvos rytas).

15.  National dishes (Download dishes).

16.  National flag and anthem.

17.  Mural.

18.  Wooden sculpture.

19.  Planting a tree.

20.  Children games.

Download video, 91 MB.